Level 770 Call center attributes

A call center is a platform utilized by the first line, problem solver, the sales person of the company. The reputation of a company can be destroyed or compromised if the call center employees are incompetent. It is critical to invest in a good quality call center. An entire department needs to be assigned to manage the quality and the production of a call center with a breakdown of the tasks and services rendered. A call center fulfills the following objectives:

  • Provide accurate information
  • Solve problems
  • Perform transactions.

In some cases, sell the products to prospective customers.

Therefore, it is imperative that the call center agents have some knowledge of the products and can direct the clients to the appropriate party if the issue requires escalation to a specialized employee.

Level 770 calls are mainly directed for customer service or technical assistance. (Helpdesk)

Customer service performs the following roles:

  • Informative: this is to provide accurate information about the products to the customers.
  • Advisory: help the customer who wants a specific answer or to introduce new products.
  • Handle complaints: help the customer with the deficiency of the products.

Technical assistance performs the following roles:

  • Provide technical assistance to customers: install new software, troubleshooting, or configuration problems
  • Help with all problems related to information technology.

By providing an excellent customer service to the client, it helps retain the client but also brings new ones based on referrals from the existing clients.

Level770 Call center Performance

Level770 Call center is evaluated based on the quality of calls and the productivity.

Quality is the most important goal for level 770 call center. The following characteristics need to be taken into consideration:

  • Accessibility: must be accessible to users
  • Timeliness: Call times should be short
  • Reliability: the ability to provide solutions to the customer and not have to wait hours on line to have a response.

Productivity is one of the major point in a Level 770 call center environment. Answering many calls in a short period of time in an efficient manner. The use of technology equipment has made it easy to measure productivity. The following elements are measured when evaluating productivity:

  • The average talk time
  • The average free time
  • The average processing time
  • The dropout rate

Another important point to take into consideration is the qualified personnel. The qualities and competences required are good oral communication skills, people person, the person must be smiling, must pay attention to the tone and rhythm of the voice.

For the speech to be understood, the call center agent must be clear in the choice of his/her expressions (simple and easy to understand). The precision and accuracy shows the professionalism of the call center operator.

Considering the above, it is imperative to emphasize that a call center is the face of the company. If it is not properly managed, the image of the company can be easily destroyed. Therefore, it is advisable that the company invest in good equipment and personnel to fulfill the best customer service experience and avoid losing customers or damage to the company’s reputation. Further questions related to the above can be answered on level770.com

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